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We understand during this time there may be some difficulties you face. We here at She/He/They are working non-stop to ensure our platform remains online for you, so you will not miss a beat. Our programs are designed to be self guided and while we offer in person instruction we have halted those classes. All classes for in person instruction have been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Currently we are not accepting reservations for new classes as we are offering those class slots to the clients who we had to unfortunantly cancel on.

If you had a class between March 5th 2020 and June 1st 2020 you still have the option to use that slot starting June 2nd 2020.

Our operations are still normal and we are continuing to offer support for our clients through our channels as we have before. If you need additional slots to our software please reach out to us on our contact us page. We will be more than happy to set this up for you.

With more and more companies moving toward a remote approach we understand the need for support will be much greater. We have enable A.I to answer most questions and will continue to offer support. During our peak hours support may take 48 hours to get back to you through email and we have noticed upwards of two hours for chat support. During these times we ask that everyone kindly use support through email as our team is able to provide better and more extensive support.

As we have stated on our COVID-19 Resource Page we have spun up an additional 30 servers to handle the load for our platform and have insured our platform has remained online during these times. We are asking our clients to sign up for an access window for their employees to ensure the platform does not get overloading during peak times.

If you currently have an account balance due we have extended all invoices by 90 days and will evaluate the need for further extensions on a case by case basis. If you currently have an account credit we are securing that by allowing an additional 1 year to use those credits and deploy your diversity and inclusion platform with She/He/They.

How our team is handling this:

Since our team is designed to be remote already we have not experienced any issues with that. We provide our team with the best software they need to do their job. If you are part of our team and are having issues with a software please reach out to your coach for further instruction and resources or fill out an internal ticket through Zendesk.

Where can I find information about COVID-19:

We service more than the United States. We recommend following the instruction from your government. For US residents please refer to the Centers for Disease Control information pertaining to COVID-19. Please follow this link to go there: https://sht.social/cdc-covid19

On our website we have edited the menu to provide information about COVID-19 you can find those resources at the top of this website.

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